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The Proti-Meal Vegetable Chili is a high-fiber, textured soy protein product that is sure to satisfy solid food urges while providing a hearty, low-fat meal.

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Good source of protein packed with 11 grams of high quality protein. Granola is a super tasty snack that you can eat alone, add milk, or even add to your yogurt

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Ready to drink shake mix

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Hearty, wholesome and incredibly nutritious! Start your morning with a balanced breakfast.

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Thick, rich and pleasantly smooth! Whether served as a shake or pudding, Bari-15 delivers 15 grams of protein, vitamins and minerals on only 100 calories.

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Soft, chewy and extremely delicious! Bari-15 Bars are a superb snack.

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Light, warm and quite delicious!

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Great Variety of Snacks and Drinks with 15g of Protein per Serving

Our products are a convenient source for high-protein nutrition. Our bariatric products are an impressive array of tasty foods that are widely used to help people meet their protein needs.