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SlimTime and Proti products help you achieve your Weight Loss and Supervised Medical Weight Loss goals with specially formulated food, drinks, and meal-replacement products.

We’re your partner for better health and well-being on your weight loss journey.

A Variety of Tasty Nutritious Choices

SlimTime weight loss drinks, snacks, shakes, and meal replacements are packed with nutrition and great taste.


SlimTime and Proti products are the perfect source of medically formulated high-protein nutrition to help you meet your dietary needs.

1. Medically Formulated
2. Full Nutrition, Low-Calorie
range of choices
3. Quick, easy preparation
and great taste
“SlimTime has done wonders for me! I see a big difference in my weight and have peace of mind each day I have the nutrition and energy to keep me going.”

— Luce Olivier

Proti-Chips and Zippers

Proti-Chips and Zippers are nutritious twists on classic snacks. If you crave the crispy satisfaction of traditional chips, check out these healthier alternatives in your favorite flavours!

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